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Seminars and Workshops

Northport offers seminars and customized workshops for individuals and organizations concerned with health and safety behaviour change, and workplace safety. These can be offered as customized in-house workshops for managers and practitioners, or as instructional seminars to groups of employees from different organizations who come together based on common needs and interests.

We provide an environment in which to share and examine state-of-the-art knowledge and expertise, and to learn how to make this information relevant and useful on the job. Participants come away with something new and relevant to make their work more effective.

These seminars are aimed at providing insightful learning experiences that are based on the needs of those participating, and everything possible is done prior to and during each session to ensure that this happens.

Current Seminars

 Using Change Strategies for Healthier Behaviours

 Making Your Incentive Programs Work

 Using Behaviour Change Strategies For Improved Outcomes