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Transportation Safety & Injury Prevention

  Knowledge mobilization; state-of-the-art literature review and assessment

  Program and policy development and evaluation

  Older driver assessment tool and education program development and implementation

  Driver education program and policy development and assessment

  Training for the design and management of behavioural influence programs

 Driver improvement program and policy development and review

 Traffic Safety and Behaviour Change Workshop   

Motor Vehicle Accident Litigation & Human Factors Expert Testimony

  Specialized expert review, report preparation and testimony on an individual case basis
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Health Promotion

  Customized program planning and evaluation

 How-to seminars for lasting behaviour change
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Workplace Safety

 Customized safety incentive programs   
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 Seminars and training for managers, supervisors, and staff

Program Development, Evaluation & Research

  Survey design, execution, analysis and interpretation

  Focus group and in-depth interview design, administration, analysis and interpretation

  Record data collection, administration, analysis and interpretation

 Customized program evaluation