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About Northport

Northport’s mission is to provide specialized research and advanced knowledge that can help make health and safety programs leaders in their fields, through innovative behavioural approaches that encourage safe practices, prevent injuries and reduce costs.

Northport undertakes projects and offers program and training services in the following areas of expertise:

  Transportation Safety and Injury Prevention

  Health Promotion/Public Health

  Workplace Safety

  Motor Vehicle Accident Litigation & Human Factors Expert Testimony

  Program Development, Evaluation and Research

The company’s focus is to help positively influence individual, group and organizational behaviour to achieve safer and healthier outcomes. At Northport, we offer a flexible and user-friendly service, and work hard to ensure a productive and enjoyable work environment for our clients, associates and staff.

A selection of key projects that Northport has led or co-led includes:

  The Large Scale Evaluation of Driver Education Project, a comprehensive, multi-site 5-year Outcome Evaluation Project.

  The development and testing of a Diagnostic Self-Report Instrument to assess compensation for skill deficits in elderly drivers.

 An in-depth assessment and synthesis of scientific knowledge and practice of health and safety Behaviour Change.

  A 5-year Formative Evaluation of Manitoba's High School Driver Education Program.

  An examination of the current state in Supplemental (Advanced) Driver Training in Canada and internationally.

  A review and consultative process to determine how Road Safety could be reconceptualized to improve its position on Canada's private and public policy agendas.

  The development of Comprehensive Guidelines for Evaluation of Driver Education.

  A comprehensive Impact Evaluation of Manitoba's High School Driver Education Program and subsequent development of a new curriculum.

  An award-winning project to "Reinvent" Driver Education, by developing a new driver education curriculum outline for North America.

 A Jurisdiction Survey of the “Energy Conservation Component” of Canadian Driver Education Programs and review of the AutoSmart Program.

 A synthesis of the literature and expert opinion on effective means to influence Risk-Taking Decisions in Young Novice Drivers.

 An assessment of the state of Driver Improvement Programs in North America and a proposed framework for program integration and renewal.

  A Needs Analysis and Assessment Survey for a non-profit organization to determine membership needs and appropriate responses.

Northport's Team

Larry Lonero, Principal/Partner has many years experience in behavioural research and behavioural influence program development. He also has substantial expertise in transport policy, the regulation of transportation safety, strategic management in transportation, and the automotive industry. He specializes in the research, design, implementation and evaluation of safety programs, including behavioural influence, social marketing and public education.

Larry is an internationally recognized expert on the driving task and methods of influencing driver behaviour. He also maintains a strong interest in safety culture, strategy, and policy development. Prior to entering consulting, he held senior government positions in research and development, primarily in transportation safety. He has experience in drug and alcohol projects, including both qualitative and survey research with DWI drivers, as well as pioneering lab work on the effects of cannabis and alcohol on driving performance for a Canadian Royal Commission.

He provides expert testimony on human factors in motor vehicle crash litigation. As well, he has experience in the automotive and insurance industries, and was a member of the Judges' Panel for the international PACE Awards for Innovation in the Automotive Supply Industry.

Larry has assisted a major U.S. trucking company in the development of a highly effective safety incentive program. He has also presented invited lectures on behavioural influence methods for a variety of safety organizations and conferences including the National Summit for Rural Traffic Safety Culture 2009 and 2010, Safex 2004 and 2008, the New Zealand Automobile Association, the New York Auto Show World Safety Symposium, the Manitoba Safety Council, and the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police.

A graduate of the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University, Larry holds BA and MS degrees in psychology. He also studied experimental psychology at the PhD level, specializing in perception and motivation.

Kathryn Clinton, Principal/Partner
has substantial behavioural influence program development and evaluation expertise, and qualitative research experience in the fields of road safety, energy conservation and energy contingency planning. She has a background in road safety program development and evaluation, and has designed, implemented, and managed education programs aimed at influencing seat belt usage among school-age children and their parents, drinking among young drivers, and fuel-efficient driving behaviours

She co-authored The Human Collision, one of Canada's most influential road safety education publications. She has conducted research projects for not-for-profit organizations, as well as private and government clients. Prior to entering consulting, she held positions at the professional and executive levels in the transportation and energy sectors of government.

Kathryn specializes in the development and implementation of health behaviour change and education programs, with an emphasis on qualitative research and methods. She directs Northport's qualitative research services, and has extensive experience in qualitative data gathering methods and analysis. Kathryn holds a BA (Hons) in Psychology, a Master of Public Health (MPH), and a PhD (ABD) in Population Health.


Douglas Black, Senior Researcher provides pedagogical expertise as well as high level research skills to Northport's team. He has undertaken complex literature searches and reviews in several different subject areas including driver education, curriculum development, adolescent decision making and novice driving, older drivers, public health, health promotion, injury prevention and related health and safety fields. He has taken key roles in Northport's driver education curriculum development, evaluation and writing projects.

Douglas has experience in program development and evaluation, as well as qualitative research experience in the fields of road safety, and relationship marketing and peer pressure. He is also an experienced group facilitator, trainer, and interviewer, having conducted extensive jurisdiction interviews, focus groups, and in-person interviews, and run numerous workshops and seminars.

Douglas maintains a strong interest in helping people meet their mobility needs in healthy, safer ways – especially adolescents and older drivers. He has also worked extensively with youth in high schools in the area of adolescent values, violence, and harassment. Douglas holds degrees in Psychology (BA Hons), and Education (MA & EdD).

Memberships & Volunteer Activities (Current and Past)

Advisor to the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) in the development of a self-assessment instrument for elderly drivers

Invited Contributor to the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) Symposium on Critical Issues in Highway Safety coordinated by University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI)

Invited Participant, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Motorcycle Rider Safety Planning Workshop

Invited Participant, NHTSA National Driver Education Standards Project Working Group

Invited Participant, U.S. National Transportation Safety Board Hearings on Driver Education

Judge, Automotive News PACE Awards for Innovation in Automotive Technology

Judge, Student Design Competition, World Traffic Safety Symposia, New York Auto Show and GNYADA

Member, Advisory Group to WHO World Health Day & World Report on Road Traffic Injury Prevention

Member, American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association (ADTSEA)

Member, Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association (GNYADA) Advisory Planning Committee for the Annual World Traffic Safety Symposia

Member, Transportation Research Board (TRB) Operator Education and Regulation Committee

Member, TRB Young Driver Subcommittee

Member, Working Group for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)/National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (NCIPC) Research Agenda for Motor Vehicle Injury Prevention

Member, American Evaluation Association

Member, Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals (CARSP)

Member, Canadian Evaluation Society

Member, TRB Roadway Safety Cultures Subcommittee

Reviewer, Accident Analysis and Prevention submitted journal articles, and Transportation Research Board (TRB) paper submissions

Reviewer, Health Promotion International submitted journal manuscripts